Our Team

Graeme Warring
Chief Executive Officer

Young gamers, as well as worrisome parents, will have to thank Graeme Warring for creating new virtual worlds that are kid-friendly, educational, and absolutely fun-filled.

From collectible toys like die-cast aircraft models, camping-inspired gears and action figures, and those cute Sqwish pencil toppers, Graeme has created virtual worlds that extended children’s real world playtime experience and vice-versa, while connecting them with other children from and outside of America.

His innovative business model that gave birth to major game titles – ActionJetz, Camp Treehouse, and recently Sqwishland – has definitely changed the landscape of game development , especially for young online gamers. Amidst the aggressive competition in gaming development and technology, Graeme found a niche.

From online games; Graeme ventured onto global resourcing since the financial aspects of different corporations started to plummet. He found a hybrid business model that will meet the different needs of companies with a reasonable cost. To date, Extension Corporation continues to expand as the need is being recognized in the intercontinental market.

Alexander Castillo, CPA
General Manager

In 2003, shortly after earning his certification as a Public Accountant, Alex had served the Department of Trade & Industry of the Philippines wherein he learned the fundamentals of sustaining a successful business. By 2008, Alex finally got himself exposed to the fast-growing BPO industry, which eventually led to his affiliation with Extension Corporation, fulfilling the role of a General Manager.

For ten years now, his knowledge and expertise have been cultivated by various multinational firms based in Manila and abroad. Alex is keen with his performance and has earned the capacity to envision and achieve goals.

Krissy Amo
Client Services Manager

Krissy began her career in the BPO space in 2003 and has focused her skill sets in the technical support, marketing, project management and training functions. In 2006, Krissy took a break from the BPO industry and joined a company pioneering the Instrumental Pyrotechnic Display in the Philippines. Being innately a multi-tasker, Krissy assumed a role as Manager and Marketing Assistant and master of anything else that needs to be accomplished. While actively involved with Instrumental Pyrotechnic Division, she simultaneously came home to one of her passions and started training communication skills for call center aspirants. After a year and a half, she decided to join Telus International Philippines filling as a Service Desk Analyst. In August 2010, Krissy joined Extension Corporation and currently holds the position of Client Services Manager.

Cathy Estayo
Human Resources

For more than 10 years Cathy has performed roles in both the Accounting and Human resource functions. Cathy liaises with employees from job offer phase to retirement benefit redemption. Her decade worth of solid experience has made her a subject matter expert when it comes to Employee relations, Contracts, bonds and benefit packages that are substantial in sustaining operations. With a degree of B.S. in Accountancy; Cathy helped in founding local companies such as Advanced Assembly Inc., Semicon Electronics Company and Green Cross Inc. To date, Cathy is considered to be one of the pillars of Extension Corporation.

Armund Romero
Talent Acquisition and Development Manager

Armund is a passionate and dynamic HR management executive with over 8 years of progressive leadership experience in end-to-end HRM processes focusing on strategic recruitment and training management. He has the ability to design and implement strategies that help organizations achieve optimized performance leading to increased business profitability.

Armund is seriously gearing up for the apocalypse and this is no joke: he’s afraid that Armageddon is coming. He has recently been performing with his band again, writing songs, and has begun to draft a futuristic novel as he predicts that the “end of days” is on its way and he wants to be prepared for the inevitable madness.