Resourcing Solutions

1. Reduce Costs & grow team
The value of Extension Corporation is compelling – reduce costs and expand your resources – two concepts that are incongruous in western labor markets.
You can aggressively reach customer service, programming and development goals while dialing back costs and maintaining direct control of your employees.

2. Improve Performance
The creation of your team with Extension Corporation allows you to expand your operating hours, increase your head count and productivity and apply a resource commitment that would not be possible in local labor markets.
Harnessing the modern tools of remote management including VoIP, web conferencing and web based project management tools you can operate as if the office was just around the corner.

3. Your Schedule
Extension Corporation’s offices are open 24/7 and your people will be hired to work the hours you choose. Manila teams are flexible and can extend operating hours with little fuss.
Manila is in the same time zone as Hong Kong. It is 12 hours ahead of New York so 9am in New York is 9pm the same day in Manila.
Call center and customer support teams work shifts providing 24/7 hour customer contact.
Technical teams can work in collaborative time zones so they overlap or work side by side with your teams or if you wish to take advantage of expanding your operation to cover a 24/7 hour span, schedule your Manila people to commence work when your US team is finishing, enabling work to be done overnight.
It’s up to you. They are you people.

The Value Proposition
The value of the Extension Corporation is not in shifting fixed costs to variable costs, it is in taking fixed costs and making them permanently lower while achieving significantly more – with significantly less money.
Like all entrepreneurs you hate going backwards, you do not like retreat and you have no patience in lack of progress. Extension Corporation can help you plan your road map to leverage your resources against your business plan.